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What are we offering?
We're offering the BSAC Ocean Diver course, starting in October 2021. The course price will be around £300 which includes all costs, including your SUSAC membership and your BSAC (the national governing body) membership.
This is a great price to learn to dive. We include nitrox and drysuit training as standard, and competitor courses cost about £600 for the same. You can learn more about ocean diver on our main website here.
Wow, how so cheap?
All our instructors are volunteers, so their time is free to you! It's that simple. Fully insured and qualified, highly experienced instructors for free. The University also provide some funding to make it as accessible as possible to you.
When are you running it?
Initial pool training and theory training takes place on the 23rd and 24th October. You need to free for both of these days. You'll then attend one open water weekend with us. This could be either the 6th and 7th November, or the 20th and 21st November. You can see all these dates and more on our calendar.
Sign me up! What do I need to do?
Demand for this course is always incredibly high and we can't take on everyone that we want to. If you want to do this course, you'll need to give us your email address and we'll send out more information and a sign up form from the 4th October. You can give us your email address by clicking here. We'll provide comprehensive details and instructions and then email out a form where you can sign up.
Sounds great, but I have more questions
Email us!

Already Qualified?

That's great - let's go diving!
What do you need to do?
As a qualified diver all you need is to purchase SUSAC and BSAC membership. BSAC are the national governing body who we're affiliated to and they provide a range of member benefits including a magazine, exclusive product discounts and perhaps most importantly, worldwide diving liability insurance. They're also access to a world of low cost and high quality diving courses through SUSAC!
How Do I Join?
To Join SUSAC: Head to the SUSU website here and purchase SUSAC membership. You'll need to be logged in to the SUSU website with your university account to see membership and buy it though! We offer termly or yearly membership. We recommend yearly if you want to get the most from your membership, plus you get a £5 discount!

To Join BSAC: Head to the BSAC website here and click 'Join Online'. Don't forget to select student membership (if you're a student) and you'll get a great discount rate.

What Next?
Make sure you're a member of our Facebook group as this is where most of our events and information gets posted. If you don't have Facebook, contact us and let us know! All you need to do next is look out for a trip and sign up!

Our first trip is on the 9th and 10th of October and will be suitable for all. Why not come along? Just sign up for more information about SUSAC here.

Come and meet us! We're having an intro meeting in the main lecture theatre of B58 on Monday 4th October at 2000. We'll also be heading out for a social afterwards. Don't worry, we're starting simple with a few drinks so whether you like soft drinks or beer, just come and have chat! Let us know you're going here

As a qualified diver, you can also help us by organising trips for the rest of the club. Got somewhere you want to go? We've got two of our own boats and can do almost anything you can think of, so let's plan it! Join us and have a chat.

Freshers Information

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